Injury Claims

In every part of the world, an accident will result in litigation, yet the three most common personal injury cases are automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, and work-related injuries. The possibilities for various disputes are numerous and the key to winning an appropriate settlement has more to do with how you proceed right after the accident.

Winning an Automobile Accident

In situations where no-fault laws do not apply, an injured person seeking redress must prove that an accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver. Most automobile owners maintain insurance policies to protect themselves in the event of accidents. This obligates insurance companies to negotiate settlements and pay money to a specified amount. Lawyers typical settle automobile injury lawsuits in private negotiations before the trial begins.

How to Proceed in Work-Related Accidents

Employers are legally obligated to warn employees of dangers and provide a safe environment to work. However, in many situations, because of workers compensation, workers cannot sue an employer for negligence when injured on the job; the employer’s insurance company makes payment. The only questions to be settled are whether the injury was caused by a job-related accident, and the amount of compensation to be paid.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall lawsuits can become complex. In addition to proving injuries, it is necessary to show that the other party acted improperly. People slip and fall all the time, especially in stores. To win the case, you must prove that you were injured in an area under the store’s control. For example, if you slip on a wet floor in the store and the wet floor existed for a sufficient period of time. A sufficient period of time must pass in order to make the storekeeper negligent for failing to discover its presence and warn customers of the hazard, and clean the floor to remove that hazard.

Most people are involved in some form of accident during their lifetime, and most are unaware of what to do. You may not realize it at first glance, but attorneys play a pivotal role in settling lawsuits, and with proper planning personal injury cases can become trouble-free.

The Three Most Common Personal Injury Cases

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