Personal Injured

You came out of the house this morning, feeling pretty good about the day, and you climb into your car like any other workday. You make your way out of the neighborhood and merge into traffic. As you slow down and stop at the red light, you don’t notice the car that’s speeding up to the traffic stop, directly behind you. WHAM! You’re thrust backward, then forward, an airbag is deployed and it all happens so fast that you can’t remember what happened. You hear a siren approaching and someone speaking to you through your car door, but you can’t hear anything other than the ringing in your ears, and boy does your neck and back hurt! Needless to say, you’re hauled away in an ambulance and you wake up in a hospital. You’re in a neck brace, your arm is in a sling and your back is very, very sore. Your other arm is tingling to the point where you feel needles in your fingertips. Although the painkillers help, you know you’re pretty banged up, but it could’ve been a whole lot worse. You spend a painful week in the hospital undergoing tests and observation and you wind up undergoing shoulder and neck surgery. You’re officially sidelined from your job, and now you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to keep up with where you left off in life.

This is a sad and common scenario where a motorist is injured and out of action for some period of time. It’s a terrible reality for many who face such incidences and they suddenly find that medical bills are adding up as they wait for insurance to pay off their bills. There are delays in making adjustments and the same insurance company that charged you a fee for a payment that was one day late is now refusing to pay your medical bills due to some technical issues with what the tests ordered by the doctors. You need an attorney to help you out with this mess and help you get not only your invoices paid but hopefully some additional money to get you the satisfaction your deserve.

How Your Medical Bills Can Add Up